Calindil is an Altmer and owner of Mystic Emporium, a shop in the Imperial City Market District, selling Soul Gems, Scrolls, and offering Spells for purchase.

Spells for saleEdit

Spell Skill Level Required Effects Base Magicka Cost
AlterationBurdenHindering Touch Apprentice (25) Burden 35 pts for 20 secs on Touch 39 MagickaIcon
AlterationOpenOpen Very Easy Lock Novice (0) Open Very Easy Lock on Target 7 MagickaIcon
AlterationShieldProtect Novice (0) Shield 5% for 30 secs on Self 10 MagickaIcon
AlterationShieldProtect Other Novice (0) Shield 10% for 20 secs on Touch 17 MagickaIcon
ConjurationBoundArmorBound Helmet Novice (0) Bound Helmet for 20 secs on Self 24 MagickaIcon
ConjurationSkeletonSummon Skeleton Apprentice (25) Summon Skeleton for 40 secs on Self 45 MagickaIcon
ConjurationZombieSummon Zombie Apprentice (25) Summon Zombie for 30 secs on Self 50 MagickaIcon
DestructionShockElectric Touch Apprentice (25) Shock Damage 25 pts on Touch 48 MagickaIcon
DestructionFireFlame Touch Apprentice (25) Fire Damage 25 pts on Touch 46 MagickaIcon
DestructionFireWeakness to Fire Apprentice (25) Weakness to Fire 25% for 30 secs on Target 27 MagickaIcon
Poison damageWeakness to Poison Apprentice (25) Weakness to Poison 25% for 30 secs on Target 27 MagickaIcon
IllusionNightEyeEyes of Eventide Apprentice (25) Night-Eye for 15 secs on Self 33 MagickaIcon
IllusionLightStarlight Novice (0) Light 20 ft for 60 secs on Self 14 MagickaIcon
IllusionFrenzyTouch of Rage Apprentice (25) Frenzy up to level 18 for 30 secs on Touch 30 MagickaIcon
MysticismDispelMajor Dispel Apprentice (25) Dispel 45 pts on Self 47 MagickaIcon
MysticismDetectLifeMinor Life Detection Novice (0) Detect Life 60 ft for 10 secs on Self 15 MagickaIcon
RestorationAbsorbAbsorb Fatigue Novice (0) Absorb Fatigue 10 pts on Touch 11 MagickaIcon
RestorationAbsorbAbsorb Skill: Illusion Novice (0) Absorb Illusion 5 pts for 10 secs on Touch 16 MagickaIcon
RestorationRestoreHeal Major Wounds Apprentice (25) Restore Health 25 pts on Self 61 MagickaIcon


"Welcome to the Mystic Emporium. Calindil is here, with all your needs, under one roof. Look, and buy. Nothing could be easier."

Imperial City "No one can experience the City for you. You must go, walk, touch, see, feel, talk to everyone."


  • Calindil will sometimes remark: Othrelos is a sneaky one. Kind of makes you wonder what he's up to.


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