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"I don't want to be here anymore. It hurt when I was a monster, it hurt worse than these chains."

Calion, initially known as the Pale Sentinel when first met, is a friendly wraith found at the Ossuary of Telacar in Grahtwood. He is the son of Telacar and Vastarie.


Calion was originally the young Altmer son of Telacar and Vastarie many years prior to 2E 461. The family had abandoned the tenets of Mannimarco, hoping to live a peaceful life. However, Calion died an unfortunately young age. While Vastarie grieved for their loss, Telacar grieved for what might have been, hoping to train Calion as their own apprentice. He did not take Calion's death well, and fashioned a flesh atronach out of the boy's body, hoping to research and imbue Calion's spirit into it. Vastarie was horrified of what he had done, and imprisoned Telacar within his Ossuary, hoping that after a decade he might change his mind.[1]


The Unquiet DeadEdit

Members of the Mages Guild have been attacked while trying to enter the Ossuary of Telacar. The Pale Sentinel asks Vestige to free him from Telacar. After meeting Telacar, it is revealed that he is Calion's father, and that he is trying to turn him into a flesh atronach so that he can live again. It becomes the decision of the Vestige to free Calion's spirit or to have him resurrected so he can live again.


"Stop! Don't make me go back. I was so close to escaping him forever!"

Escaping from who? [?]

"I don't want to be here anymore. It hurt when I was a monster, it hurt worse than these chains. I want my father to sleep so I can go away."

How can I make your father sleep? [?]



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