Calixto's House of Curiosities is a house in Windhelm, and it serves as a museum of various esoteric items collected by the proprietor, Calixto Corrium, and his sister, Lucilla Corrium, during their travels.


After inheriting a large sum of money from their parents, the two traveled across Tamriel. The House of Curiosities displays the treasures they found along the way. After the death of his sister, Calixto opened the shop.

Most of the displayed items are rare alchemical ingredients. Among the unique items are Ancient Nord embalming tools, The Book of Fate, The Dancer's Flute and Ysgramor's Soup Spoon. The Dragonborn can tour his shop at the price of 2 GoldIcon.




  • After completing "Blood on the Ice," the house remains unoccupied, and its contents are flagged as "steal." It has more than enough valuable items that respawn every few game days to complete a Thieves Guild Bedlam job in Windhelm.


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  • Sometimes, this building can only be accessed by breaking in. If successful, Calixto will not offer a tour and will demand the Dragonborn to leave before calling the guards. This, in turn, creates complications with the "Blood on the Ice" quest when one is told to go talk to him. However, he drinks at Candlehearth Hall in the evenings and it is possible to speak to him there.
  • Sometimes, the Dragonborn cannot have a conversation with Calixto, and cannot get a tour of the building.


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