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Calm is an apprentice-level Illusion spell that reduces the target's inclination to attack for 30 seconds. The magnitude is the level affected – the spell only works on characters and creatures up to the level specified. Undead, Daedra and automatons cannot be calmed without the Master of the Mind perk.


  • This spell is useful if the Dragonborn accidentally causes a character to attack (whether through a quest, by assaulting them, or by using Frenzy), or if they wish to talk to an adversary (accidental or not) who will not yield.
  • If the Dragonborn needs time to self-heal or recover from fatigue, Calm may hold a creature or person fairly still allowing the time to recover.
  • If the Dragonborn is taking on two enemies at once, calm may be used on one of them while attacking the other; however, attacking the target will raise its aggression level, so further calming will be required.
  • This spell can be used to exploit for leveling Illusion.
  • This spell can be cast on a target for backstabbing. They will stand in their normal place and not react to the Dragonborn's presence.

Spell tome[]


Illusion Spell Tome


  • Weight: 1 WeightIcon
  • Value: 91 Gold
  • See Spell Tome for a complete table of spell tomes, their descriptions, and their values.



A magically enchanted staff contains the Calm spell-effect. The effect of this staff is slightly weaker than the spell, with a magnitude of 8 instead of 9. Other unique staves include Calm effects, these include:


  • Using Calm on a non-hostile target may cause them to become hostile, which can be fixed by a second application of the spell.
  • Wielding this spell gives off a small amount of light that can affect detection.

See also[]

  • Fear - decreases courage, causing targets to flee.
  • Fury - angers targets, causing them to riot.