Not to be confused with Camoran Dynasty or Camarino.

Camaron, also called Cameron,[1] was a king of Sentinel. From his wife, Queen Akorithi, Camaron has Greklith, Lhotun, and Aubk'i. He had one more son, but due to the frail condition of the child, Camaron decided to eliminate the child as he felt that the child was unfit for the throne of Sentinel. The official word is that the Underking got him.

History[edit | edit source]

When Lord Mogref of Betony vassalled the small fishing village to King Lysandus of Daggerfall, King Camaron objected. He claimed that Daggerfall illegally took the village that had been rightfully Sentinel's. The War for Betony began.

During the War for Betony, the Lord of Reich Gradkeep tried to facilitate a peace negotiation between the two warring city states. On the appointed day, King Lysandus and King Camaron met at the Palace of Reich Gradkeep to discuss a truce. However, the treaty was never to be. Vanech, High Priest of Daggerfall, considered Betony to be holy land of Kynareth. Any attempt to give up the island was blasphemous to him. Vanech faked the treaty, and the false treaty offended Lysandus. The room disrupted into chaos. King Camaron knew of Vanech's treachery. He pursued and finally slew the priest. However, the chaos was too severe, a great riot broke out throughout Reich Gradkeep. Almost the entire royal family of Reich Gradkeep was killed.

The war continued and took its climax at Cryngaine Field. King Lysandus was killed in the middle of the battle. Gothryd, son of King Lysandus, was crowned King of Daggerfall. Inspired with the new king's bravery the Daggerfall force fought with renewed determination. Lord Bridwell, the leader of the Knights of the Dragon, slew King Camaron. The Sentinel army retreated in disorder. Lord Oresme of Sentinel surrendered. He later committed suicide on the way back to Sentinel.

King Camaron's widow, Queen Akorithi, took the reign of Sentinel, because the official heir, Prince Greklith, was just 11 years old.

Description[edit | edit source]

"Late King of Sentinel. Cameron was killed in the Battle of Cryngaine Field by the new King of Daggerfall, Gothryd. His widow is Akorithi, Queen of Sentinel. His children are Greklith, Lhotun, and Aubk-i, the current Queen of Daggerfall."
―Cameron description[src]

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