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The Campaign, or Main Story, is the fourth story mode that is featured in Isle of Madness expansion. Completing the episodes grants you with new decks, cards, packs, arena tickets, and gold.


Nagh: "Apologies, Kellen. Nagh was sure he saw water this way."
Kellen: "(sigh) Not to worry. We should have enough to last until we reach the city."
Nagh: "A long ride, that promises to be. Nagh would have a story to forget the heat."
Kellen: "But of course. Indeed, you have just reminded me of one. I saw it not in the scrolls, but in a journal, many years ago. I shall try my best to recall it in the writer's own words."
Talym: "My name is Talym Rend. This is my confession... and my warning."
Talym: "Once I was one of the Empire's most cunning spies."
Talym: "But I left that life behind when my son, Novos, was stricken with a terrible madness. I sought help from the Temple, from outlander healers, and even Ashland mystics. None could help him."
Talym: "So I set out to make a bargain."
Talym: "In Morrowind it is death to commune with Sheogorath, the Daedric Prince of madness. They say he is a corner of the House of Troubles. But to save my boy, I would commune with any devil you could name."
Talym: "And so it was that I sought the fabled land of madness -- a place they call the Shivering Isles. And, gods help me, I found it."


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