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Camps are locations in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. They are typically used by characters involved in quests, bandits, and other enemies.

List of camps[edit | edit source]

Name Quests Region Characters
Aerin's Camp Acrobatics Training Jerall Mountains Torbern
Atrene Camp None Gold Coast
Bawnwatch Camp The Forlorn Watchman Niben Bay N/A
Black Dog Camp None Blackwood None
Bodean Camp Repairing the Orrery Gold Coast
Bogwater The Renegade Shadowscale Blackwood Scar-Tail Dead Argonian Agent
Brotch Camp Repairing the Orrery Colovian Highlands
Camp Ales Repairing the Orrery Colovian Highlands
Carandial Camp Nibenay Valley Carandial
Carbo's Camp Nibenay Basin
Collarbone Camp West Weald
Crestbridge Camp Goblin Trouble Nibenay Basin Barthel Gernand, Callia Bincal, Aloys Bincal, Mirisa
Dagny's Camp Repairing the Orrery Colovian Highlands
Dive Rock The Horror of Dive Rock Jerall Mountains Uderfrykte Matron
Fat Rat Camp West Weald
Fisherman's Rock Mazoga the Orc, Seeking Your Roots Blackwood Mogens Wind-Shifter, Mensa Selas, J'Baasha, and Ayisha
Garnet Camp Nibenay Basin
Gnoll's Meeting Camp West Weald
Gro-Bak Camp West Weald
Hidden Camp Jerall Mountains
Kvatch: Refugee Camp Savlian Matius Batul gra-Sharob Weedum-Ja Athrelor
Last Chance Camp Colovian Highlands
Marsh-Punk Camp Blackwood
Mortal Camp West Weald
Nayon Camp Nibenay Basin
Ra'sava Camp West Weald
Red Lane Camp Gold Coast
Seran Camp Blackwood
Sercen Camp Nibenay Basin
Sweetwater Camp Great Forest
Troll Candle Camp Marksman Training Gold Coast Alawen
Trossan Camp Nibenay Basin
Two Decker Camp Jerall Mountains
Valley Head Camp Nibenay Basin
Valley View Camp Colovian Highlands
Varus Camp Repairing the Orrery Gold Coast
Walker Camp Valus Mountains Camonna Tong Thugs
Wind Range Camp Nibenay Basin

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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