Cann is a fort located north of Dunroot Burrow and Camp Hopeful. Travel north from New Sheoth until road turns sharply southwest, at the turn continue off-road to the northwest and you should run right into it on the coast. It is inhabited by conjurer mages.


The entrance is usually guarded by Heretics, and if they are killed and then looted, their robes and hoods could be used to fool the remaining Heretics into thinking the Hero is one of them, giving an element of surprise.

When traversing the interior of the ruin, it is possible to locate the skull of Salona Viria, who is one of the ghosts involved in the undocumented "Hill of Suicides" quest. Her head is located on a shrine surrounded by Screaming Maw plants in the zone labeled Cann, Amphitheater.

The Soul Tomato can usually be found here while searching for the aforementioned skull.


  • The Great Hall
  • Amphitheater
  • Arena
  • Arena Substratum
  • Tranquility


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