Not to be confused with Malaniel.
"We're a bit busy here, traveler. If you could just—"
―Canonreeve Malanie[src]

Canonreeve Malanie is an Altmer noble who rules the town of Mathiisen, Auridon, a town known for producing some of the finest steel in all of the Dominion. She is also an officer in the Altmer supremacist group the Veiled Heritance, and has used her position to supply the organization with weapons and armor. Almost all her high-ranking members and guards are part of the Heritance.

After an investigation into Malanie, the Vestige is sent by Razum-dar to arrest her as a diversion. Though she has the Vestige knocked out and arrested, she is killed in a fight against the Vestige and Razum-dar. Shortly after her death, the town falls completely into the hands of the Dominion.


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