The Cape of the Blue Divide or the Blue Divide is the body of water in between the city-states of Skywatch and Woodhearth, located on the provinces of the Summerset Isles and Valenwood. The Cape is known as the waters of the Aldmeri Dominion, an alliance mainly consisting of the two provinces mentioned before. The small yet significant island of Stros M'Kai is right before the Cape of the Blue Divide begins, which what made the island so valuable to the Third Empire during the Tiber Wars. When Amiel Richton was the Provisional Governor of Stros M'Kai, he was given the mission to secure the war-front on the Cape of the Blue Divide, for the Imperial Navy. Before the Ra Gada invasion, the Colovians of Cyrodiil were masters of the ways of maritime exploration, executing several attacks throughout the Cape of the Blue Divide. There are several city-states that thrive on the Cape of the Blue Divide, these include, but are not limited to Diss and Southpoint.[1][2][3][UL 1]



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