Captain is a rank afforded to the leader of a military unit, usually a Guard. It is a somewhat general term for someone in authority, and may be used to describe a commander within an army, the lead officer on board a ship, or the head of a City Watch.

Military useEdit

A captain in an army is usually a rank below a commander. In the Imperial Legion, a captain commands a smaller unit of soldiers, usually for missions that require a smaller force. While the title is common in the Imperial army, it also applies to the leaders of a City Watch. Captain of the Guard is a title accorded to the head of a city's regiment who oversees all guard activities within the area. The position often holds a level of importance in terms of running a city or state's affairs, as well. For example, Burd, the respected Guard Captain of Bruma, is known to be an advisor of sorts to the countess of that time, Narina Carvain.

In addition to being a term for ground troops, the title of captain is also given to the commander of a ship in the Imperial Navy.

Nautical useEdit

The term captain also applies to the person in command of a non-military ship. Merchant ships, travel ships, and pirate ships all were commanded by a captain. For a pirate ship, captain was also a term of respect. The captain was considered the most seasoned of all on the crew, and deserved the greatest reverence. Pirate captains were often cruel and merciless, but also held a great love for their ship and its crew.


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