Template:SkyrimNPCs Captain Aquilius is the Redguard Guard Captain of the Wizard Guards hired by Calcelmo residing in Calcelmo's Tower.


The Dragonborn encounters him during the Thieves Guild quest Hard Answers. After taking a rubbing of Calcelmo's Stone using a piece of Charcoal and a Roll of Paper (both of which can be found in plentiful supply in the room right before the stone), Captain Aquilius will either enter the tower with three Wizard Guards, or with two Wizard Guards and Aicantar if not yet killed.

The captain is a bit stronger than the other guards, but drops exactly the same loot they do; a full set of steel armor, Calcelmo's Laboratory Key, and Dwemer Museum Key.



  • "All right men, spread out and search the tower. No telling who - or what - we're dealing with here."


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  •  360   Rarely, Captain Aquilius and his men may not see the Dragonborn, even if they are not sneaking.


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