"Stop! You can't cross. Molag Bal's demons rampage in the Imperial City!"
―Captain Drusus[src]

Captain Drusus is an Imperial who can be found at the northern most bridge to the Imperial City.


Captain Drusus was stationed at Kingscrest Keep until she was recalled to retake the Imperial City.[1] At the Imperial City, she is protecting one of the three bridges leading to the Imperial City, with the other captains being Captain Priscus and Captain Virgilus. She is the Captain of six Legion Soldiers.


"Until we take back the Imperial City, no one crosses this bridge!"

What's happening? "Absolute chaos is what's happening. We're cut off from the island, but we're not going to let those monsters out. All Imperial troops have been recalled to the city to fight Molag Bal's forces."
How is it going? "I wish I knew. We came from Kingscrest to help retake the city. When we got here, the bridge was destroyed and monsters were coming out of that Dark Anchor. We've been trying to hold on ever since."

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