"Double time, soldiers. Rearguard, keep them off. We break through or die."
―Captain Falcus[src]

Captain Falcus is a captain that served in the Imperial Legion during Titus Mede I's reign.[1]


Fourth EraEdit

Mazgar served under Falcus' orders during the Umbriel Crisis. He was tasked to gather information about the flying city and the zombies that followed it. His squad discovered that the zombies could move away from Umbriel's surroundings further than they expected, so he ordered his men to retreat. On their way to Cheydinhal they evacuated Mountain Watch. They scorted the villagers to Cheydinhal, but when they were half a mile a way, they saw the undead approach them.

Falcus ordered the villagers to abandon the wagons and to run. Falcus and his men formed a semicircle to confront the zombies. Mazgar requested Falcus to join the formation, but he ordered her to continue running to Cheydinhal.[2]

When Umbriel approached Cheydinhal, the Imperial Soldiers and city guards oppened a gap in the zombie ranks so that citizens could scape. They had to hold the hordes that kept coming for the hours that lasted the evacuation. Falcus finally gave the command to fall back and regroup on the Blue Road, just before he took a spear in the throat. Mazgar saw Falcus and Tosh go down.[3]


These are the known legionaries serving at Falcus's command:

  • Mazgar gra Yagash
  • Merthun the Wall
  • Na-Nasha
  • Glavius
  • Kuur
  • Casion
  • Sugar-Lick
  • Jarrow
  • Coals
  • Merthun

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