"Yes? What can I do for you? I am Captain Falx Carius, commander of Fort Frostmoth."
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Falx Carius is an Imperial captain stationed at Fort Frostmoth.


Captain Falx Carius is an Imperial commander who is stationed at Fort Frostmoth. Carius is a Knight Protector of Imperial Legion on the island of Solstheim. He is also in charge of Fort Frostmoth. Carius' chambers can be found on the top of the General Quarters. At the end of the quest-line he unknowingly becomes part of the Bloodmoon Prophecy.

It is well known throughout Morrowind that General Falx Carius has been rumored to have founded Raven Rock, and his exploits on the island are innumerable. Carius had survived the hunt and went on to become a General in the Imperial Army.[1] Unfortunately he passed away, along with getting his fortress leveled, during the eruption of Red Mountain in the Red Year, along with Ald-Ruhn.[1]


An Island to the NorthEdit

Learn about Solstheim and how to get there.

Rebellion at FrostmothEdit

Assist Carius find out why everyone in Fort Frostmoth is suddenly thirsty for wine.

Frostmoth SmugglersEdit

Help the captain find out who is smuggling weapons in the fort.

The Disappearance of Captain CariusEdit

Find Captain Carius, who has gone missing after an attack on the fort.

Hircine's HuntEdit

Kill Hircine's aspect and complete the Bloodmoon Prophecy.


Show: Rebellion at Frostmoth
Inside Fort Frostmoth:

"Yes? What can I do for you? I am Captain Falx Carius, commander of Fort Frostmoth."

Fort Frostmoth "We are an Imperial fort, obviously. My soldiers have the ability to be among the best in all the Empire. This island of Solstheim is not the easiest assignment, though, and sometimes it makes the men edgy."
Solstheim "It's an inhospitable place, to be sure. Bears, wolves, and other creatures I'd rather not imagine abound. It's cold, windy, and generally unfriendly."
edgy "As I said, this is a difficult post. These soldiers are seperated from their families and forced to live in harsh conditions. To be fair, most of these men were sent to this island as punishment for a past offense. They are not the best of soldiers. Yet. Still, until recently, they had performed their duties adequately. Lately, I have noticed some disturbing trends."
disturbing trends "To be sure. The men have been restless, complaining more than usual. They have been lackadaisical in the performance of their duties. I sense a great unease among them, and morale has been low."
morale has been low "Very low. This is not normal. My instinct tells me that there is one among my troops who is fanning the fires of this discontent, and I wish to know who it is. They will never let me know who the culprit their commanding officer, I must regretfully keep some distance between those fine soldiers and myself. They may be willing to speak with you, though. See if you can't gain their trust. If you learn anything, report to me."

If approached again:

"I asked you to investigate why morale has been low in the fort. Have you learned anything?"

morale has been low "As I said, it troubles me. I wish for these soldiers to be the most excellent in the Empire, and I believe that one among them is poisoning the minds of the others. Perhaps it is a reflection on my leadership that this has occurred, but regardless it must end soon."
edgy "They have been on edge. I worry about some of these disturbing trends."
disturbing trends "As I said, morale has been low."

After getting the first clue:

"I asked you to investigate why morale has been low in the fort. Have you learned anything?"

morale has been low "Hmmm...I imagined that the lack of alcohol might have some effects on the morale, but I didn't ever actually ban it. Personally, I didn't even care about the alcohol; it was the priest, Antonius Nuncius, who was worried about the effect it was having on the men. I disagreed, but the question became moot: our shipments stopped coming in months ago. Speak with the soldiers a bit more, and see if you can find out who the source of this discontent is."
Antonius Nuncius "He's one of our priests here. Not a bad one. Seems a bright enough fellow, if he would only apply himself a bit more."

If approached again:

"I asked you to investigate why morale has been low in the fort. Have you learned anything?"

morale has been low "Yes. Please investigate the matter further and report to me."

After gathering some evidence against Antonius:

"I asked you to investigate why morale has been low in the fort. Have you learned anything?"

morale has been low "If there's reason to suspect Antonius Nuncius, find the proof. If you feel you have it, confront the man himself. Then report to me. Let's do this right, Nerevarine (Player name)."

If chosen to spare Antonius Nuncius:

"I asked you to investigate why morale has been low in the fort. Have you learned anything?"

morale has been low "You say that the shipment had merely been misplaced and this was all a big miscommunication? That's ridiculous. I expected better of my men, and myself. Especially of myself. Thank you for your help, Nerevarine (Player name). Thake these--there are diseases on this island we have never encountered. I would hate to see you take ill. Now, though, there is more fort business to discuss."

If chosen to turn Antonius Nuncius in:

"I asked you to investigate why morale has been low in the fort. Have you learned anything?"

morale has been low "You say that Antonius Nuncius started this whole thing because he wanted to go home? The twit! I could have had him reassigned, had he just asked me. Now, though, I think he might do his best work here, saving the souls of my men. With the new abundance of liquor at the fort, someone will have to deliver their salvation. Thank you for your help, Nerevarine (Player name). Thake these. There are diseases on this island we have never encountered. And the weapon may serve you well. Now, on to more fort business."
Show: Frostmoth Smugglers
Inside Fort Frostmoth:

"You've helped me deal with the low morale at the fort, perhaps you can help me with some other fort business."

Fort business "As I've told you, not all of my soldiers here are trustworthy. Many were sent to this Fort in lieu of Ebonheart's dungeons. Now, I fear that a criminal element has shown itself at Fort Frostmoth. I believe there are weapons being smuggled out of here and sold on Vvardenfell."
weapons being smuggled "I've noticed the store of weapons in the armory has been decreasing, and I know there is no official reason for it. My only guess is that someone is smuggling them off Solstheim to be sold on Vvardenfell. I want you to uncover this smuggling ring, and I will provide you with a bit of help."
smuggling "It is a dangerous thing here at Fort Frostmoth. Our supplies are limited, and without them, I fear the soldiers will grow even more restless. And what is a fort without its weapons? Useless!"
bit of help "I would like you to work with one of my soldiers on this case. There are two available to you, and they are two of the best here at Fort Frostmoth: Saenus Lusius and Gaea Artoria. You'll find Lusius in the General Quarters, and Artoria in the General Quarters, Upper Level. Speak with them and decide which will be your companion. When you have unearthed the smuggling ring, report to me. I leave how you deal with the smugglers to your discretion."
Saenus Lusius "Lusius knows more about the daily activities here at the Fort than any other soldier in my command. While not our strogner fighter, he more than makes up for it with his savvy. He may be the best suited to ferret out the smuggling ring."
Gaea Artoria "She is one of my most loyal soldiers, and one of my most powerful. I have never seen her bested in combat, and her skill with weapons is legendary here at the fort. Should you encounter any resistance with these smugglers, Artoria would be a valuable ally to have."

If approached again:

"Have you found more information on the weapons being smuggled from the fort?"

weapons being smuggled "You've not yet uncovered the smuggling ring? You should get to work."
Show: Hircine's Hunt
In the Mortrag Glacier:

"Nerevarine (Player name), it is you! I am sorry you, too, have been brought to play in this nefarious game. Since the werewolves captured me at the fort, I have been held here by this demon Hircine. Soon, others joined me: one of the Nords, named Heart-Fang, along with a beast named Karstaag. I believe the only hope for escape is to find our way through this maze."

find our way "That is what the demon told me. We are to fight our way through this maze, which is hunted by the werewolves the demon calls his Hounds. I am weak, my friend, and have been here for too long. Perhaps together, we can find our way to safety. We must find the key to allow us through the gate in the center of this maze."
Let us go together. "I am glad for your companionship. Together we will fight our way through these demon hordes and escape this evil prison. There is a door in the center of this maze, but we will need a key to enter. Let us go find this key and leave this place."
Only one of us can survive. It will be me. "I cannot believe this! Your mind has been clouded by these demons! I am sorry to have to fight you, Nerevarine (Player name), for I thought you a friend. If this is how it must be, I wish you an honorable death."

If approached again:

"Let us continue through this maze."

find our way "I believe we can find our way out of this demon realm."

When the first gate is found:

"Wait, my friend. I can go no further. This contest can have only one victor, and you will have to be the one. Perhaps if you are able to escape, I will find my way out in time. For now, I will guard this gate and make sure none of the beasts follow you through. Take care if you encounter the others. Karstaag is a wild creature, and will certainly try to kill you. Heart-Fang worries me...there is something wild in his eyes that I do not trust. Good luck, Nerevarine (Player name)."

If approached again:

"I will wait here and guard the gate. Good luck, my friend."

After escaping the Hunt:

"It is good to see you again. I believed I was dead for sure, but as the glacier toppled around me, I was transported outside. I am glad that you, too, survived the ordeal. Now, how may I help you?"

If the Nerevarine is a werewolf:

"You! Do not think that I cannot see through the form you now wear. I am sorry it must come to this, Nerevarine (Player name). I had thought better of you. It is clear, though, that you have joined with these dark forces. Killing you will be an act of mercy."



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