"Gods! They killed them all! Those Daedric filth killed my entire patrol. Then they dragged me off and threw me into a nightmare."
―Captain Jerick[src]

Captain Jerick is the Breton captain of the Lion Guard. He resides in Koeglin Village in the region of Stormhaven.

During the quest "A Dangerous Dream" he is kidnapped and held captive in the Supernal Dreamers Camp. He may be freed with the help of the Vestige during the quest.


A Dangerous DreamEdit

A Lion Guard patrol on its way from Daggerfall to Wayrest was attacked by daedric cultists who referred to themselves as the "Supernal Dreamers." The cultists kidnapped Jerick and several other soldiers, and took them as hostages in their camp. The Vestige is tasked by Recruit Maelle with freeing them from the camp and wiping out the Dreamers.


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