"Haven is under pirate attack! Worse, they climbed in through our portholes, and breached the hull."
―Captain Jimila[src]

Captain Jimila is a Khajiit captain of The Prowler, a beached ship found on the west side of Khenarthi's Roost, in the Shattered Shoals. Upon approach, she will request that the Vestige finds and saves two of her missing crew, who have been taken to be killed in a Maormer ritual. Later, the repaired Prowler ship will take the Vestige to Auridon, after having saved Khenarthi's Roost from another Maormer plot.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Cast Adrift[edit | edit source]

The Vestige must talk to her in order to get reinforcements. She will instruct the Vestige to talk to Mastengwe about stopping the Sea Vipers.

To Auridon[edit | edit source]

Travel to Auridon on the Prowler.

Unsafe Haven[edit | edit source]

Reclaim Haven from pirates.

The Great Tree[edit | edit source]


A Storm Upon the Shore[edit | edit source]

Captain Jimila will be steering her ship while the Sea Vipers are being fought in the Abecean Sea.

Pelidil's End[edit | edit source]


A Profitable Venture[edit | edit source]

Help Jimila break even on her trip to Anvil.

The Sounds of Home[edit | edit source]

Nesh-Deeka, a craftsman in Lilmoth, wants to establish a trade agreement with Jimila.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Show: A Profitable Venture

"Well, what have we here? You certainly don't look like one of those Red Sails extortionists that have been bleeding my dry."

The Red Sails have been shaking you down? "I can abide fees at an honest port, but Anvil presents a non-stop barrage of whatever the Governor's lackeys feel like enforcing! Uneven gangplank fees, loose mooring taxes, barnacle inspection! Hmm. You're not from around here, are you?"
No, I'm not from Anvil. "Care to help me turn the tide on these crooks then? I happen to know that their swindler of a Dock Master doesn't trust his gold to Anvil's banks. If you help me pay the fool out of his own pocket, you can keep the lion's share of the bounty."
I'm game. What's your plan? "I don't know precisely where Qamar hides his gold, but I do know the lazy oaf uses a few trusted lackeys to deliver deposits when he can't be bothered. They often dice on the docks. If you're convincing, I'm sure they'll reveal the location to you."
What will you be doing while I'm locating the dock master's stash? "I'm going to be your distraction. I'm expecting the dock master to make his rounds soon, and he's not going to be happy that I haven't paid my fees yet."
Why come to Anvil, if it's so much trouble? "It was supposed to be a simple run. Pick up silks and spices on the way and turn a tidy profit. But the Governor and her minions are more greedy than a caravan full of High Elf nobles. She'll never learn, even when the docks are empty."
Who is this Governor you keep mentioning? "Fortunata ap Dugal, Anvil's "provincial governor," but she's still the same old Red Sails Pirate Queen to anyone who really knows her. Half the Gold Coast struggles under her thumb. Fool's Gold Coast, if you want to be more accurate."
How did you find out about Dock Master Qamar's stash? "Qamar's a braggart and he drinks like a Nord. That's a combination for folly if ever there was one. He gave away his secret while trying to drink me under the table. I remember the exchange, he does not. Too bad for him, yes?"

After returning with Qamar's Stash:

"My friend, you've arrived at a bad time. I'm playing host to the king of skeevers and he hasn't the sense to know that he's outstayed his welcome."

I just wanted to see how negotiations were going. <Slip Her Qamar's Stash> "Ha! Negotiations? Call it what it is! Ransom! Extortion! It would save us so much time if they just dropped the pretenses and robbed me! Good work. Let me pay this fool and get rid of him."
I'll leave you to your business then.

After watching Captain Jimila and Dockmaster Qamar negotiate:

"I almost bit my tongue trying not to laugh! Qamar doesn't so much strut as slosh about like a half-filled waterskin. He's completely oblivious to the misfortune that just visited him. It's too much!"

Wasn't it a bit risky to threaten him like that? "It was expected of me. Being too quick to accept defeat may have aroused his suspicion. He seemed convinced, so he may not notice the theft for some time, let alone suspect us as the culprits."
I'll take my share now. "Here. That's most of what's left after I paid off that walking canker. Thanks to you, I might break even on this voyage. Enjoy your time in Anvil, friend. I hope to never see these despicable docks again."

If talked to again:

"It'll be good to have the wind in my fur and sea air in my nose again. I can't wait to set sail and put Anvil behind me."

If talked to again (If Dominion questlines are completed):

"It'll be good to have the wind in my fur and sea air in my nose again. I can't wait to set sail and put Anvil behind me."

How's the life of a privateer in Queen Ayrenn's navy? "Profitable and dangerous. I'm happy to continue ferrying troops for the easy gold, but when the Queen commands us to show our claws, we oblige. Many a captain has made the mistake of dismissing the Prowler as a threat, to my benefit."
Have you encountered any Sea Elves since we took down Peledil together? "Ah, the tale of the Prowler and the fierce Maormer sea serpent. It grows with each telling! You might be amused to hear what the crew claims happened that day. It's quite a popular in the port towns."
What are people saying about me? "We were set upon by one hundred Sea Elves, surrounding with no hope of escape. But you defeated them soundly with one bare first while swinging from the rigging. Then you hopped onto the sea serpent and rode it into the side of the Maormer ship!"
That's ... very dramatic. "You think? That's the tamest part! By all accounts, your battle with Peledil rocked the seas and reshaped the coast. They say you turned the sea serpent into a mount! Ah, I'm glad you're still well, my friend."

Conversations[edit | edit source]

A Profitable Venture

Dockmaster Qamar: "I'm tired of your complaining. Pay what you owe or the Red Sails will seize this ship."
Captain Jimila: "Fine! Take your ransom and choke on it."
Dockmaster Qamar: "There now! Was that so difficult?"
Captain Jimila: "Difficult is keeping my claws from ripping out your throat."

Quotes[edit | edit source]

A Profitable Venture
  • "Next time, I'll wound more than just their pride! A moment, Qamar. I have a visitor."

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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