"Stop! You can't cross. Molag Bal's demons rampage in the Imperial City!"
―Captain Priscus[src]

Captain Priscus is an Imperial Captain of the Imperial Legion. He is part of the squad guarding the bridge leading into the Imperial City. The soldiers under the command of Priscus are fighting the Daedra at the southern most bridge leading to the Imperial City.


"Halt! No one passes here."

How do I get to the Imperial Island? "You don't. No one does. We can't get over to the island, but we're keeping the monsters bottled up. For now."
What's happening in the Imperial City? "Our forces are battling Molag Bal's minions over there. All troops were called back to retake the city. Seems like it's not going very well though, from the bodies I see floating in Lake Rumare."

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