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"Captain Tillrani's got the villagers thinking I'm an addled netch, but I'm actually a bit smarter than that."
―Captain Rana[src]

Captain Rana is a Dunmer captain residing on Bleakrock Isle. She can be found in her office in Bleakrock Village and outside of Last Rest depending on what quests the Vestige has completed. 


According to her journal, she feels she has been "exiled" to Bleakrock. She had a dream the night before the Soulless One arrives in Bleakrock and feels compelled to speak to them.

If the Vestige asks her what she thinks of Nords, she will say that they are stupid, but she also admires their courage. She and Captain Tillrani, a Nord, both hold grudges against each other. 

Rana can later be found around Stonefalls serving as a Centurion for Holgunn and the Pact, provided that the Vestige chooses to help Rana at the Bal Foyen docks allowing her to survive. She is first seen with the other civilians from Bleakrock Isle at a cemetery in Davon's Watch, where the group mourns their losses. The newly promoted Centurion tells the Vestige that she and Seyne would probably be reassigned and continue to fight for the Pact.  


A Beginning at BleakrockEdit

Captain Rana asks the Vestige to find missing villagers all around Bleakrock Isle.

The Missing of BleakrockEdit

Find the missing villagers to help them escape. Not all of the villagers need to be found to complete this quest; however, they will disappear forever if they are not saved.

Sparking the FlamesEdit

The Daggerfall Covenant arrived in Bleakrock and set fire to the village. First the Vestige must warn the mainland, then the Earth-Turner family and the rest of the villagers need to be saved. 

Escape from BleakrockEdit

Help Captain Rana and the villagers escape Bleakrock Isle through Last Rest to Dhalmora

If By SeaEdit

Captain Rana tells the Vestige to find a way to warn Davon's.


Rana and her second-in-command Seyne learns of a second force of Covenant soldiers sailing towards Bal Foyen Docks. Without thick walls or soldiers to defend them, she takes a handful of conscripts to protect the docks.

Breaking the TideEdit

Captain Rana was last seen fighting for control of Bal Foyen Docks. The Vestige chooses to help with the situation at the docks and eventually catches up to her. She tells the Vestige that she is after General Vette, the Covenant commander in charge of the assault.

Warning Davon's WatchEdit

Captain Rana will be standing alongside the other survivors on the docks.


Show: A Beginning at Bleakrock
In Captain Rana's Office:

"I'm short on good help, and I could use someone capable. Someone like you."

How did I get here? "A fisherman found you washed up on the beach. He brought you back to town. It's a miracle you survived."
So what now? "You're the one Holsgar pulled out of the water. I'm glad you're up. I could use your help."
You wanted to speak with me? "You've seen combat, and I need all the help I can get today. Villagers are scattered across the island. We need to warn them."
Warn them? Why? "We sighted a ship offshore, I've sent my troops to investigate. If it's the vanguard of an invasion ... well, we'll need to evacuate."
Where should I start looking? "You'll find the people of Bleakrock all across the island. Darj, the hunter, went to Skyshroud Barrow. Eiman's at Orkey's Hollow with his siter, Rolunda. Seyne, my sergeant, is out at Hozzin's Folly."
What is Skyshroud Barrow? "It's an old dragon shrine. It's a relic of the Dragon Wars. Some of the villagers claim they saw undead out there. I sent Darj out to get proof."
I'll start at Skyshroud Barrow. "Thank you, friend. After you find Darj, keep looking. The more people you can send back here, the better of we'll be."
Tell me about Orkey's Hollow. "Locals claim it's haunted. They dare each other to spend a night inside. It's a silly custom, but a harmless one."
I'll start at Orkey's Hollow. "Tillrani Snow-Bourne adopted Eiman and Rolunda after their parents died. She won't leave without them. Send them back here. Then see who else you can find."
Hozzin's Folly? What's that? "It's an abandoned mine. A family came out from Stonefalls to work the place. Rumor has it they're Daedra worshippers. Now some bandits are hunting through the place, and we need to know why."
I'll start at Hozzin's Folly. "Thank you, friend. Once you've dealt with the bandits and sent Seyne back here, see who else you can find."
Can I ask you a few questions? "I'll answer what I can. Captain Tillrani's got the villagers thinking I'm an addled netch, but I'm actually a bit smarter than that."
How did you end up here? "Posted to this backwater, you mean? I made a hasty decision, a bad call. Soldiers died. I learned my lesson. Now I don't act without proof."
What does Tillrani have against you? "I took her job. You might have heard her yelling about that in the square. It's petty, but what can I do? Every time I've reached out to her, she's slapped my hand."
Could you tell me about the races of the Pact? "I'm not a scholar, but I'll tell you what I know."
Can you tell me about the Nords? "I like Nords. Most Nords I've met are strong of arm and heart. I call them the proud spine of the Pact. I'm also more comfortable behind their swords than in front of them."
Can you tell me about the Dark Elves? "I won't speak for you, friend, but I live to enact the will of the Tribunal, our living gods. With their help, we can meet any challenge. If the Nords are the arm of the Pact, and if the Argonians are the heart, we're the brains."
Can you tell me about the Argonians? "The Argonians are a mystery to me. The ones I've met kept to themselves. Good scouts, I'll give them that. Not long ago, the Dunmer held them as slaves. That ended with the founding of the Pact. Now we're all best friends."


  • "I'll prepare the town for evacuation. Find as many people as you can and send them back here."


  • She will later be promoted to centurion, and will be renamed "Centurion Rana." However, if the Vestige chooses to aid the fort, she will instead be found dead on a boat in the docks after killing the invading leader.
  • If she becomes a Centurion, she can later be found at Ebonheart, and then later still, at Kragenmoor.


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