Captain Tendil is an Altmer captain in the First Auridon Marines. At different times, he is stationed in the towns of Skywatch and Silsailen. After completing "Teldur's End," he can be found in front of Valano Manor in Silsailen.


To SkywatchEdit


Real MarinesEdit

Captain Tendil along with the First Auridon Marines have been ambushed in Silsailen by the Veiled Heritance and locked inside a cellar.


Real Marines

"Thank The Eight! Quickly! Untie me!"

Who are you? "Captain Tendil of the First Auridon Marines. We were sent here at the behest of Her Royal Majesty, Queen Ayrenn. We walked into a trap. Agents of the Veiled Heritance stripped us of our uniforms and gear and left us here to burn."
The imposters are burning the town. Where are your weapons? "We have a stash at the farm near the edge of town. Return them to us. I'll probably see that every last imposter dies, screaming for mercy!"
You've got a deal.

"Thank you. I'll untie the rest. You get that gear for us."

After gathering the gear:

"Any luck?"

I have your gear. "We'll gear up and patch our wounds. In the meantime, find out who's behind this conspiracy. I'll send one of my best men along with you, to help loosen some tongues. Stars guide your steps."


  • "The last of the Heritance have been driven out. Silsailen is safe once again, thanks to you." —After completing "Teldur's End"



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