"I don't buy all that talk about ship captains having to be stern and strict. I want my crewmen to enjoy their work."
―Captain Wayfinder[src]


Captain Wayfinder is a Nord ship captain. He can be found on his ship, the Sea Squall, in Dawnstar, conversing with his crew.


Captain Wayfinder has been the captain for the Sea Squell for one year in Dawnstar, along with his crew members Guthrum and Ravam Verethi. Wayfinder inherited the ship from his mother, who passed away one year prior to the events of the Dragon Crisis.


He is frazzled and constantly worried. Upon return of the Fine-Cut Void Salts, he says: "This is the best news I've had since I set sail a year ago." Wayfinder's crew often expresses their dislike of his age and abilities as a captain, but Guthrum can see some development in him unlike Ravam Verethi.

Despite that he is worried and frazzled, he also seems to be very sure of himself and a good-hearted person as he says that he want his crewmen to enjoy their work. 


Salty Sea-DogsEdit

The captain will ask that a special type of void salts, Fine-Cut Void Salts, be retrieved. As this is a radiant quest, the locations will vary. The quest can be done multiple times, each with a leveled reward of GoldIcon.


  • "I don't buy all that talk about ships captains having to be stern and strict. I want my crewmen to enjoy their work."
  • "I inherited the ship when my mother passed away. She spent her life on the water, and now I do, too.
  • "I'm good with stars and charts, but I admit I've got some things to learn about leading men."
  • "Everyone thinks I'm too young to be a ship's captain, but I'm going to prove them wrong."


  • According to game data, his first name is Leif.



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