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Carrots are fairly common root vegetables found on farmlands throughout Cyrodiil and Skyrim. Though initially a simple food used in cooking, carrots provide a rather unique array of alchemical effects, and are thus often used as alchemical ingredients as well. Carrots are one of the few rare ingredients used in the creation of Night-Eye potions, and are one of only two types of ingredients used in the creation of Fortify Intelligence potions (the other one being Clouded Funnel Cap).

Only Master-level alchemists are capable of circumventing the mutual negative effect of the Fortify Intelligence potion made with these two ingredients.

Novice AlchemyEdit

Restore FatigueEdit

A Novice alchemist can combine carrots with the following ingredients to produce a Restore Fatigue potion:

Aloe Vera Green Stain Cup Cap Pear
Apple Ham Rice
Beef Jumbo Potato Strawberry
Blackberry Leek Sweetcake
Bread Loaf Lettuce Sweetroll
Cheese Wedge Onion Tobacco
Cheese Wheel Orange Tomato
Corn Potato Watermelon
Flour Pumpkin Wheat Grain
Grapes Radish


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