Cast Adrift is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. It is a quest given to the Vestige by Sergeant Firion to find missing survivors in the Aldmeri Dominion shipwreck in the Shattered Shoals.

Quick walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Sergeant Firion
  2. Find Edhelas
  3. Find Onglorn
  4. Find Nistel
  5. Go to the cave
  6. Find Lieutenant Gelin
  7. Talk to Sergeant Firion
  8. Investigate the Beached Ship
  9. Patch Forward Leak
  10. Locate the Helmsman's Wheel
  11. Patch Aft Leek
  12. Retrieve Sun-Sighter from Sea Vipers
  13. Talk to Quartermaster Oblan at The Prowler
  14. Talk to The Prowler's Captain.
  15. Talk to Mastengwe
  16. Take Lodestone from Sea Vipers
  17. Stop the Maormer Ritual
  18. Return to Captain Jimila at The Prowler

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The Vestige will talk to Firion about the shipwrecks. She will instruct them to find the other members of the squad. The Vestige must find the other three sailors and heal them with the Torchbug Treacle. Onglorn is located the farthest northwest along the beach, Edhelas is to the far southeast, and Nistel is in-between them.

After finding the three sailors, the Vestige must go to a cave located under the Temple of the Dark Moon. The will find Lieutenant Gelin dead, and can examine him to see the details. After finding the corpse, the Vestige must talk to Sergeant Firion. She will tell the Vestige to warn the crew of a beached ship, The Prowler. Quartermaster Oblan will ask the Vestige to fix multiple leaks and retrieve both the Helmsman's Wheel, and the Sun-Sighter from a Sea Viper Duelist.

Once the Vestige has fixed the leaks, head to the nearby Sea Viper camp. The Sun-Sighter is located on a Sea Viper there. The Helmsman's Wheel is also with so Sea Vipers to the west of The Prowler. After retrieving these, return to Quartermaster Oblan. He will allow the squad to come on board, but the Vestige must talk to Captain Jimila to get reinforcements. She will tell the Vestige to speak to Mastengwe about taking away the Sea Viper's power.

The Vestige must get some lodestones from the Sea Vipers. They must be looted off of their corpses when killed. The Vestige goes west to a ship, where the Sea Vipers are preforming the ritual, led by Zyklos. The Vestige must use the lodestone to free Virkvild and Suhr. Talk to Jimaila after the ceremony to finish the quest.

Reward[edit | edit source]

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