"Hello. I'm Casta Scribonia. The writer. Author of Woman Gone Wild."
―Casta Scribonia[src]

Casta Scribonia quote

Casta Scribonia is an Imperial savant who travels often, but calls the city of Chorrol home where she has her house.

She is an author by trade and her books are less-than proper with romance and gossip with flawed protagonists. Alessia Ottus mentions Casta in the Guide to Chorrol. She visits the Chorrol Mages Guild often and in return is visited by fellow author Quill-Weave.


  • Casta owns a Chestnut Horse at North Country Stables, but never rides it.
  • Scribonia was also the name of the second wife of the Roman emperor Augustus.
  • Sometimes her friend Quill-Weave may visit at night, in which if you break into the house and go upstairs at a certain time you can find them sharing a bed together, which may hint the two are having a romantic relationship.


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