Castle Ebonheart is a location in Ebonheart on Vvardenfell, Morrowind. As Vedam Dren, Duke of Ebonheart and Vvardenfell and representative of the Emperor himself, resides here, it is an important political center in Vvardenfell. At the same time, the Imperial Chapel in Castle Ebonheart with his notable members residing here underlines the importance of Ebonheart for the Imperial Cult on Vvardenfell.


Grand Council ChambersEdit

These are the main rooms of the castle, where the Nerevarine can encounter several important personalities, including Duke Vedam Dren. He resides besides Llaalam Dredil and Varus Vantinius in an upper chamber that can be reached through an spiral staircase.

Grand Council Chambers TowerEdit

The Grand Council Chambers Tower is a small location which can be reached from the Grand Council Chambers. The tower seems to serve as an arsenal, as it contains various armour and weapons at on top of the spiral staircase. The Imperial soldier Matus Mido resides here.

Imperial ChapelEdit

The Imperial Chapel consists of an upper room which serves sacred space with an Imperial cult altar and several benches for the believers to sit on, and another room on a lower level seemingly the living quarter of several cult members. The following Imperial Cult members reside here: Frik, Iulus Truptor, Lalatia Varian, Sarmosia Vant, Sauleius Cullian, and Synnolian Tunifus. Lalatia Varian is the highest ranking priest.

Imperial CommissionEdit

The Imperial Commission can be reached through a door out of the entrance room of Grand Council Chambers. Rufinus Alleius and Tuvene Arethan as well as two Duke's Guards reside here. It seems to contain the private quarters of a person of notable importance and wealth, possibly the Duke's himself. A door leads to the Imperial Guard Garrison.

Imperial Guard GarrisonEdit

The Imperial Guard Garrison can only be reached from the Imperial Commission. It serves as home for many Imperial soldiers. The rooms of the soldiers are on the lower floor. On the upper floor is a habitable room, where the soldiers can meet, eat and drink. Apart from the soldiers Birard Adrognese, Cavortius Albuttian, Ekkhi, Frostien Ephine, Jelin and Sader, two priest, Glallian Maraennius and Viccia Claevius, reside in the garrison.


Imperial CultEdit

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Tribunal main questEdit

Hunt the Dark BrotherhoodEdit

Asciene Rane teleports the Nerevarine to the mainland of Morrowind.


Dredil's DeliveryEdit

Llaalam Dredil in the Grand Council Chambers asks the Nerevarine to deliver a letter to J'Zhirr.



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