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Castle of the Worm is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. The Vestige returns to The Harborage to find an unexpected guest, Abnur Tharn. He claims to know where Sai Sahan is but will only speak to the Vestige. He requests asylum in exchange for the information.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Castle of the Worm is the same for all alliances. However, the closest city will change based on the chosen alliance.

Aldmeri Dominion[edit | edit source]

Daggerfall Covenant[edit | edit source]

Ebonheart Pact[edit | edit source]

Quick walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Abnur Tharn
  2. Enter Coldharbour
  3. Talk to Abnur
  4. Talk to Lyris
  5. Find a way into the castle
  6. Go to the Cistern
  7. Talk to Cadwell
  8. Follow Cadwell
  9. Enter the Tower of Bones
  10. Find usable atronach parts (4)
  11. Deliver the atronach parts to the laboratory
  12. Read from the ritual book
  13. Wait for Flesh Atronach
  14. Find Abnur Tharn
  15. Defeat Mannimarco
  16. Talk to Abnur Tharn
  17. Flee the tower summit
  18. Talk to Cadwell
  19. Flee the tower summit
  20. Flee to the Harborage
  21. Talk to Abnur Tharn
  22. Observe the scene
  23. Talk to The Prophet

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

"What are you doing here? Intruders!"
―Warden Cornexius[src]

The Vestige lands in a village of Soul Shriven and must find a way into the castle when they meet Cadwell. They enter through the Cistern and make their way to Abnur Tharn through the Tower of Bones, after defeating the Corpse Tearer boss. On the way, the Vestige may have to fight several Flesh Atronachs and Dremora. Tharn guides the Vestige in creating a Runty Flesh Atronach to destroy the tower door's barrier, will sear the Vestige and inflict 10k damage if touched. The various parts needed to make the atronach are located throughout the area, with two near the Haunter of the Cliffs.

Tharn tells the Vestige and Lyris Titanborn about Mannimarco's plan to become more powerful than Molag Bal and even replace him as a Daedric Prince, by trapping Molag Bal's essence with the Amulet of Kings and absorb his power, before they get interrupted by Mannimarco himself.

At first, Mannimarco will summon four skeletons twice. When the Vestige has defeated them, Mannimarco will summon a Bone Colossus boss with four more skeletons. 

When the Vestige has defeated Mannimarco, they will have to flee back to The Harborage through the Tower Summit where they'll meet Cadwell. The Vestige can choose to bring Cadwell back to Tamriel or let him stay in Coldharbour.

Back in Coldharbour, Tharn reveals that he doesn't know where Sahan is, only that Sahan is Mannimarco's prisoner. Lyris punches him, and the true identity of The Prophet is revealed.

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Bugs[edit | edit source]

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  •  PC   Lyris would sometimes disappear if you died before reaching the cistern. This bug has now been fixed.[1]
  •  PC   Monsters were spawning with levels higher than recommended. This has been fixed as of Update 1.[1]

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