Cat's Eye Quay is a dockyard and a community northeast of Mistral in the province of Elsweyr. It was recently nearly completely destroyed by a big storm. All that remains are a few surviving residents and the debris of the shattered town.

As part of a quest "The Tempest Unleashed" to summon another storm, Cat's Eye Quay will become populated with hostile Maormer. Afterwards, the repaired Prowler will dock here, ready to transport the Vestige to Auridon.


The Tempest UnleashedEdit

The Maormer are attacking Cat's Eye Quay.

To AuridonEdit

The Vestige speaks with Razum-dar, and Captain Jimila (which is optional), to travel to Auridon.

Notable itemsEdit


During Quest:

After Tempest Unleashed:






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  •  XB1   Four characters appear to be named Zargal after The Tempest Unleashed is completed - including one of the Fist of Thalmor door guards.
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