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Caught Red Handed is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in which the Dragonborn must retrieve three Marks of Dibella from men in Riften to use to confront Haelga, a worshiper of Dibella, for Svana Far-Shield.


  1. Obtain a Mark of Dibella from Bolli
  2. Obtain a Mark of Dibella from Hrofgir
  3. Obtain a Mark of Dibella from Indaryn
  4. Confront Haelga with the Marks of Dibella
  5. Speak to Svana


"Do you know she's slept with three different men in the last month alone? What kind of woman would do such a thing? Just for once, I'd like to see her squirm... to rub her nose in it."
Svana Far-Shield[src]

When Haelga's Bunkhouse is visited in Riften, talking to Svana Far-Shield reveals that she thinks her aunt is a "disgusting woman," and would like to get some revenge on her. If the Dragonborn agrees to her proposition, Svana will tell them to get three Marks of Dibella from Haelga's lovers to "make her squirm." This starts the next part of the quest, where the Dragonborn must talk to Bolli, Hofgrir Horse-Crusher, and Indaryn.

Three Lovers[]

In order to get the three Marks of Dibella, the men can be persuaded or intimidated, though to convince Bolli and Indaryn, a Speech skill of 50 is needed for the skill checks to succeed, while Hofgrir only needs a Speech of 25 to be convinced to give up his Mark. Bolli can generally be found in the Marketplace during the day, wandering around and examining the wares of the shopkeepers; Indaryn will be found in the Black-Briar Meadery, and Hofgrir is at the Riften Stables. Alternatively, their Marks can be pickpocketed. Killing any of them for the Marks will cause the quest to fail immediately.

Once all three Marks of Dibella are retrieved, return to Haelga's Bunkhouse and show them to Haelga. She does not want anyone else to know about her activities and will give a bribe to keep the Dragonborn quiet. At this point, tell Svana that her aunt was confronted with the Marks. She is grateful for the help, and will give a random enchanted armor or weapon to them as a reward.


Caught Red Handed – FreeformRiften11
ID Journal Entry
  • Objective 10: Obtain a Mark of Dibella from Bolli
  • Objective 20: Obtain a Mark of Dibella from Hofgrir
  • Objective 30: Obtain a Mark of Dibella from Indaryn
  • Objective 40: Confront Haelga with the Marks of Dibella
  • Objective 50: Speak to Svana