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For other uses, see Cave Bear.

Cave Bears are a species of bear that can be found throughout Skyrim in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


They are large, tough and very aggressive creatures. The Dragonborn can contract Bone Break Fever or Rockjoint from cave bear attacks, which can be cured with a visit to a shrine or drinking a Potion of Cure Disease. True to their name, they can be found in and around caves or at random in mountainous terrain throughout Skyrim, and can be very dangerous if the Dragonborn is at lower levels.


Grin and Bear It[]

Temba Wide-Arm asks for ten bear pelts in revenge for bears that have been destroying the trees around her mill. Cave and snow bear pelts count towards this total.

A New Order[]

Gunmar requests that the Dragonborn kill a nearby pack of cave bears before agreeing to join the Dawnguard.