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The Cavern of the Incarnate is a cave in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It is the location that the Nerevarine has to locate and travel to in the Third Trial, and obtain Azura's artifact, the Moon-and-Star. It is also the location where the prior incarnates are located. One of the aspects of the trial is to solve the riddle, which includes that the cavern must be touched by "Azura's Star" to open.


The cavern can be accessed during Dawn (6 AM to 8 AM) or Dusk (6 PM to 8 PM) daily. When entering the cavern during these times, the following message appears:

"In the dawn hour under Azura's Star, the door is opened."

Azura - Cavern of the Incarnate

When attempting to enter the cavern at a time other than Dawn or Dusk, the following message is heard:

"The door is locked, and will not open. The Star is the key."

Azura - Cavern of the Incarnate2


Cavern of the Incarnate

Inside the Cavern of the Incarnate.

Former IncarnatesEdit

Ane TeriaEdit

Incarnate Ane Teria

Dialogue box when speaking to Ane Teria.

Ane Teria gives the following items:

Conoon ChodalaEdit

Incarnate Conoon Chodala

Dialogue box when speaking to Conoon Chodala.

Conoon Chodala gives the following items:


Incarnate Erur-Dan

Dialogue box when speaking to Erur-Dan.

Erur-Dan gives the following items:

Hort LeddEdit

Incarnate Hort Ledd

Dialogue box when speaking to Hort Ledd.

Hort Ledd gives the following items:

  • Sithis
  • Hort-Ledd's Robe:
    • Weight: 3.0
    • Value: 400
    • Turn undead 6–60 points for 30 seconds on Target
    • Shield 5 points for 30 seconds on Self
    • Charge: 150

Idrenie NerothanEdit

Incarnate Idrenie Nerothan

Dialogue box when speaking to Idrenie Nerothan.

Idrenie Nerothan gives the following items:


Incarnate Peakstar

Dialogue box when speaking to Peakstar.

Peakstar gives the following items:

  • Embroidered Belt
    • Weight: 1.0
    • Value: 20
    • Cast When Used
    • Fortify Willpower 10 points for 30 seconds on Self
    • Charge: 75
  • Travel-stained Pants
    • Weight: 2.0
    • Value: 40
    • Cast When Used
    • Levitate 10 pts for 30 seconds on Self
    • Charge: 225


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