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Caves are underground areas resulting either from natural formations or mines (or both). Caves are common throughout Cyrodiil, and they usually contain hostile NPCs, such as bandits, and creatures. Most caves include rats, various undead and goblins. While in a cave the Hero must fight enemies while collecting loot and experience.

A typical cave

Although they can be dark, most caves have enough light to see, much of it coming from holes to the outside. If more light is needed, the Hero can use a torch, magic or simply turn up the brightness in the game settings.

Many caves have multiple rooms and places to explore, although others may be small. Some caves are quite cramped and also contain dead ends and obstructions, which can create some tactical challenges and opportunities. When in a cave always pay attention to the surroundings, due to the prevalence of traps.

List of caves alphabetically[edit | edit source]

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List of caves by region[edit | edit source]

Blackwood[edit | edit source]

City Isle[edit | edit source]

Colovian Highlands[edit | edit source]

Gold Coast[edit | edit source]

Great Forest[edit | edit source]

Heartlands[edit | edit source]

Jerall Mountains[edit | edit source]

Nibenay Basin[edit | edit source]

Nibenay Valley[edit | edit source]

Valus Mountains[edit | edit source]

Waterfront[edit | edit source]

West Weald[edit | edit source]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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