"The Mages Guild has always treated me well. So I ask you, why in the world did they decide to send me to this bizarre land of bugs and mushrooms."
―Caydeire Dechery[src]

Caydeire Dechery is a Breton magus of the Mages Guild residing in the guildhall in the Saint Delyn Waistworks of Vivec City.


  • "I find this land... strange. I appreciate the long and cherished magical tradition, really I do. But all the insects and giant fungi? Well, to be honest, the whole country makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end."
  • "How the Dark Elves can behave like they haven't a care in the world is beyond my comprehensions. There's a damn volcano about to explode out there, not to mention a giant chunk of rock floating above our heads! How is any of that natural?"


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