Celedaen is an Altmer and powerful necromancer found in Leafrot Cave. He is trying to change himself into a Lich.


Affairs of a WizardEdit

He is one of the targets of the Dark Brotherhood. Since he is rather difficult to defeat, it is recommended to pickpocket him and remove the hour glass Sands of Resolve, this holds his soul so it will kill him instantly. This is found out by reading The Path of Transcendence, which is in the same cave as Celedaen.


  • He is only one of two targets that Lucien Lachance actually ordered the Hero to kill before being deceived. It is possible that he served Mannimarco, The King of Worms and leader of the necromancers as he was researching a way in which to turn himself into a Lich and therefore letting other people become one.
  • Although in his research notes The Path of Transcendence he says he is getting stronger every day from his experiment of turning himself into a Lich, all the Hero needs to do to kill him is to remove The Sands of Resolve, which proves how weak he is without it. However, if the Hero chooses to fight him, he is difficult to kill as he is an expert at Conjuration and Destruction Magic.


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