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The Census and Excise Office is a building in Seyda Neen, operated by Census and Excise. It contains the Office and the Warehouse. They don't connect internally, but part of the Warehouse is built on top of the Office. It is the first building that the Nerevarine sees after they disembark from the ship. The building is separated into two parts, the first part is the actual office where Socucius Ergalla resides. The second part is the warehouse, which requires a key to open and holds armor, weapons, and other illegal goods that the Nerevarine is free to take.


Census OfficeEdit

The Census Office has 3 rooms all connected by a narrow hallway. The first room has a business desk where Socucius Ergalla resides doing his work, a shelf containing common items, and a fireplace along with Ganciele Douar guarding the door. The second room is a dining room with a table and a shelf holding various common items, and the third room is just a basement that has a bedroll to rest in, and some sacks with random loot.


The key to the Warehouse, which can be obtained from a shelf in the second building, grants access to the Warehouse across the street. Upon entering, two ways to go can be seen. One can go up the stairs where training is offered by Adraria Vandacia upstairs in the Warehouse. Going down the hallway will reveal that one can go up the stairs where there is some random loot, and go down the hallway to a basement room.


Death of a TaxmanEdit

Solve the mystery of a dead tax collector.




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