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Ceramic Bowl is a Mages Guild quest obtained from Ajira in Balmora.


Ajira needs a ceramic bowl for use in her alchemy studies.


  1. Speak to Ajira
  2. Get any Ceramic bowl, easily available from a store in Balmora, like Ra'Virr: Trader
  3. Return to Ajira


Upon speaking to Ajira, she will tell the player she needs a ceramic bowl for her alchemy studies. She will request the player to obtain one for her.the easiest way to get one is probably by buying it from Ra'Virr: Trader in the southern part of town. Alternatively, it can be stolen from many homes in Balmora.

Upon obtaining the bowl, the player should speak to Ajira and discover that some things have happened while they were gone.


  • 10 GoldIcon


Ceramic Bowl – MG_Bowl
IDJournal Entry
10Ajira asked me to find her a ceramic bowl. She told me that Ra'Virr the trader here in Balmora might have one.
  • Quest accepted
100Ajira thanked me for finding her a ceramic bowl, but was far more concerned about her stolen reports.
  • Quest completed

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