The Ceremonial weapons serve as "keys" in the quest "Silenced Tongues."


  • Both are found in Volunruud, and are highly guarded. As quest items, they cannot be dropped, but can be improved if one wishes to use them as weapons.
  • The Ceremonial Axe can be found on the wall of a room filled with spike traps. The axe is guarded by a few leveled draugr.
  • The Ceremonial Sword is found in a coffin inside a different room. The sword is defended by several draugr, including a Draugr Deathlord.


  • Elder's Cairn
  • Once both weapons are collected, one can unlock Elder's Cairn in Volunruud which leads to the end of the quest Silenced Tongues. Through the door lies Kvenel the Tongue, a ghostly Draugr Deathlord. Several leveled draugrs protect him, including one draugr conjurer. Once Kvenel lies dead, the quest will be complete. Kvenel the Tongue will drop an enchanted axe Okin and an enchanted sword Eduj.
  • In some cases, the locations of the Ceremonial Axe and the Ceremonial Sword are switched.


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  • Sometimes, the Dragonborn cannot pick up the Ceremonial Axe if the sword was grabbed first. If this happens, the solution is to reload the auto-save that should have been activated upon entering the cave, and pick up the axe before the sword.
    • Using the Unrelenting Force shout on the axe will allow it to be retrieved from the wall. The level of the shout is inconsequential.
  • A blast caused by use of Dawnbreaker can fly the Ceremonial Sword to the shelf behind the coffin.
    • To obtain the sword, one must climb on one of the standing coffins and use a Whirlwind Sprint shout to get on the shelf.


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