Chainmail Armor is made of interlocking links of metal, forming a light and flexible, yet sturdy armor that provides better protection than fur and leather armor but less than mithril.


The armor begins appearing at level six. A chainmail helmet can be found regardless of the Hero's level in Savlian Matius' tent, outside of Kvatch, but it is considered stealing. Another one, as well as a pair of Chainmail Boots, can be found inside the armory of Castle Kvatch. A cuirass can also be found on Maro Rufus at The Best Defense regardless of level.

A full set (minus the helmet), as well as a silver longsword, can be looted off the corpse of Tyrellius Logellus regardless of the Hero's level at the end of the quest "Two Sides of the Coin."


All City Guards use chainmail (with the exception of Skingrad guards who wear steel) with a city specific cuirass and shield. The City Guards will also wear a Guard Helmet, not the chainmail helmet.

The Knights of the Nine also use a special cuirass and shield. At Umbacano Manor, the guards wear different pieces of the armor, though none of the guards carry a helmet or shield.

Attributes by pieceEdit

Piece ArmorIcon WeightIcon Health-icon GoldIcon ID
Chainmail Helmet 3 1.8 135 25 0001C6D7
Chainmail Cuirass 8 9 270 90 0001C6D3
Chainmail Gauntlets 3 1.8 135 25 0001C6D6
Chainmail Greaves 4 5.4 202 45 0001C6D5
Chainmail Boots 3 2 202 25 0001C6D4
Light Iron Shield 9 3.6 202 45 00032D49
Total (with shield) 30 23.6 1,146 255
Total (without shield) 21 20 944 210


  • The chainmail armor seen in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is similar to plated mail, which is a combination of chain and plated armor, a type of armor primarily used by the Mughal Empire.


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