Chalman is a fortification in Cyrodiil situated along the Red Ring Road in the Heartlands towards Mephala's Shrine and Lake Rumare.

By gameEdit


The fort is located on the northeastern side of the Red Ring Road on a hill that slowly rises up. Some trees dot the landscape.


Second EraEdit

At some point in the Alliance War, Chalman Keep was a Daggerfall Covenant Fortress in what was Pact Territory in Central Cyrodiil. Both the Ebonheart Pact and the Aldmeri Dominion charged into the keep where eventually, the Dominion captured the keep.[1] Afterwards, the ownership of Chalman Keep had shifted from the Dominion to the Pact to the Covenant.

Third EraEdit

The fort eventually deteriorated into a simple tower. Some warriors from a group called the Adventurers of Orsinium have taken shelter in the ransacked fort. Other than that, the fort hasn't been used since.



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