Champion's Cudgel is a unique warhammer found in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn. It shares its base damage with the glass warhammer.


The hammer features Imperial symbols on the sides of a very block-like head. Below that, there is a section of the handle wrapped in crimson cloth. About an inch down after that, there is a steel band and the rest of the handle is wooden, with a steel pommel on the bottom. The head is shaped like a normal hammer, with a small crown of spikes on the top. The whole weapon is tinged with a faint blue glow, indicating an enchantment that affects Magicka.


This weapon is wielded by General Falx Carius, and can be obtained after defeating him during the quest "March of the Dead."


Although the Champion's Cudgel is a unique weapon, its enchantment is not, as it can be found on other weapons such as Nordic and Stalhrim weapons. The positive side of this is that the Dragonborn does not necessarily have to disenchant the Champion's Cudgel in order to learn the enchantment, but can disenchant a more common, non-unique weapon to learn the enchantment when found. The enchantment is 50% chance for each element of fire, frost, and shock to do 25 points of damage, which is known as Chaos Damage. The enchantment is leveled.


  • Due to the lack of other weapon types for Imperial weapons in Skyrim, this is the only other weapon available for those looking to equip a fully armored Imperial soldier build with something other than a sword and shield.
  • The Champion's Cudgel cannot be upgraded.


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  •  360   This weapon can respawn inside Raven Rock multiple times, allowing the Dragonborn to obtain multiple copies.


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