"Do yourself a favor and save on the healer's fees. Abandon your dreams of competing in the Arena. I'd hate to see that rugged face receive any additional damage."
―Champion Marcauld[src]

Champion Marcauld is a Breton Champion of the Fighters Guild and the final challenger of the first round in the Dragonstar Arena, later appearing in the tenth arena, fighting alongside Hiath the Battlemaster when he summons him. Marcauld can be spoken to before entering the Arena, near two Fighters Guild Gladiators.


Who are you? "The Arena Champion, at your service. In case you haven't heard of me, which means you really need to get out more, I'm the current champion. I dare say I'm the Fighters Guild's greatest champion, in fact."

Why is the Fighters Guild here? "The Fighters Guild isn't here. Not officially. But we were growing bored with all the Daedric drama. So here we are, ready to make everyone respect and fear the Guild again."
I don't recall people fearing us as being part of the job. "A fellow member, eh? Then you should know as well as anyone. If your enemies don't fear you, they think you're weak. I'm tired of being considered weak! We'll show the world that the Fighters Guild consists of the greatest of warriors."
You're the champion? "Of course I'm the champion! Look around. Do you see anyone who would even stand a chance against me? Ha! We'll crush everyone under out boots! Including you, if you dare to compete against us."
[Intimidate] I'll dare. And I'll beat you, too. "Really? That's something I need to see. Head up the hall and enter the Arena. Then we can settle this the old-fashioned way. Just remember, I warned you."
What can you tell me about this arena? "I'm the champion. There's no way you can hope to best me. What more do you even need to know? Just give up while you still can."


Marcauld uses a sword and shield in combat, meaning he has a heavy attack in which he bashes a delver, stunning them, similar to many other shield users. Marcauld uses Fighters Guild abilities in combat, such as Silver Bolts and Ring of Preservation. The tanking delver, to deal with the Ring of Preservation, should keep Marcauld away from this Ring when he uses it.


  • "Run along, pup. This is no place for the likes of you."
  • "You don't plan to compete in this challenge, do you? I say this with the best of intentions—leave now. I hate to see the weak get stomped upon. And that's my good deed for the day."
  • "If you insist on going through with this foolishness, may I give you a word of advice? Best to put your affairs in order before you get beaten to a bloody pulp."


  • After defeating Marcauld in the Arena, he does not appear in the entrance chamber.


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