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The Champion of Boethiah once existed to serve the mighty Daedric Prince, Boethiah. He has outlived his usefulness and uses the Ebony Mail bestowed upon him for his own pleasure rather than Boethiah's, which has angered the Daedric Prince. He now leads a group of Bandits out of Knifepoint Ridge and resides within Knifepoint Mine.


Boethiah's Calling[]

During the quest "Boethiah's Calling," the current champion's silent demise is called for to make room for a new, more worthy champion. Despite him getting killed for using the mail for his own pleasure, Boethiah said, after killing him, to the Dragonborn that they can do whatever they please with the mail. This is supposedly because the Daedric Prince has important matters to attend to, which require their full attention.


"Keep your distance."

So you're Boethiah's champion, eh? "That was a long time ago."
Tell me, what's it like being Boethiah's champion? "I told you. I'm done with all that. There's enough blood on these hands. I'm interested in creating things now."
This is what you want? To slave for others? What about your own destiny? "Mind my words or I'll mind them for you: I'm slave to no man, no god, and no Daedra. Boethiah talks about leaving your mark, a sign of your passing.... Well, you can make a mark on the world without treachery and murder. Whenever a man's life is saved by armor made with these hands, these hands have changed that man's destiny and his family's. So you can tell that heartless Daedra bitch I'm done doing her dirty work."
Never mind. Forget I mentioned it. "Hmph."
You will die now. "That remains to be seen."
You aren't afraid to die? "A man who feels no fear has no heart. I know fear. But it does not control me. If you desire to fight me, then let's get this over with."
Boethiah is displeased, she wants you dead. "The Prince of Plots usually gets what she wants. I'm surprised I'm not dead already. She must have had some reason to keep me alive so long."


  • The Champion of Boethiah is a rare type of NPC in that his appearance is randomly generated. This means he may be spawned with lighter or darker skin.
  • If using a powerful enough Calm spell, unique dialogue can be initiated with him, revealing his reasoning for going rogue.


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  • If he goes near the other bandits, he can potentially damage them with the DoT poison effect from the Ebony Mail which could possibly, yet slowly, kill them.
  • If he is alerted via an arrow shot near him he may begin to kill the other bandits.