Champion of the Guardians is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Angof the Gravesinger has imprisoned the elemental guardians that the Beldama Wyrd rely on for protection and counsel. I agreed to help the Wyrd set the guardians free.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Wyress Ileana
  2. Defend the four Wyresses
  3. Get control of a Lurcher
  4. Bring the controlled lurcher to the ritual site
  5. Listen to the freed spriggan spirit
  6. Wait for the wyresses to perform the ritual
  7. Talk to the Guardian of the Water
  8. Complete the quest


Wyress Ileana explains that four of their sisters have gone north to cleane the stones, but they need protection. Follow the markers to find the four Wyresses and speak to each of them. One by one, they will destroy the foul vines with fire. Defend them and kill any creature that comes near. When they are done, they will run over to the ritual site and wait.

Weaken a Lurcher, and use the amulet to control it. Bring it over to the ritual site and it will die in the circle of the Wyresses. A spriggan spirit will emerge from the lurchers body, listen to her and then talk to Ileana. Once they have finished talking to Ileana, the sisters will then perform the ritual to set the guardians free from Angof using the Vestige.

When the ritual is done, talk to the Guardian of the Water who will appear by one of the stones. They are free at last, and it seems right that it was the Vestige who helped doing it, as they are mortal but also not. The guardian adds that Angof has much to fear from them. Completing the quest will reward them with the Guardian's Hammer and a some GoldIcon.


  • 73–302 GoldIcon