A typical chapel in Cyrodiil.

Chapels are places of worship of the Nine Divines. There is a chapel in each of the major cities, except the Imperial City, with each worshiping a specific god. In a typical chapel, there is an altar for each of the Nine Divines.

A follower can pray at these altars once he or she has visited the respective god's wayshrine in the wilderness of Cyrodiil. Praying at a god's shrine bestows the blessing of that god. In the center of the chapel is the Altar of the Nine, which can cure deficiencies in the follower's stats and cure disease. Oddly enough, there is no chapel for Kynareth.


City Chapel
Anvil Chapel of Dibella
Bravil Great Chapel of Mara
Bruma Great Chapel of Talos
Cheydinhal Great Chapel of Arkay
Chorrol Chapel of Stendarr
Kvatch Chapel of Akatosh
Leyawiin Great Chapel of Zenithar
Skingrad Great Chapel of Julianos


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