For this location in Online, see Cathedral of Akatosh.
"It's the Chapel of Akatosh. Four walls standing, and no fire. Can you think of a safer place?"
Guilbert Selone[src]

The Chapel of Akatosh is the only chapel in Kvatch, and is a place of worship for leader of the Nine Divines, Akatosh. It is the main church in Kvatch. It is attended by a priest, Martin.


Breaking the Siege of KvatchEdit

The Chapel is used to shelter survivors still trapped in the city. In the basement there are several beds used by the survivors and bowls not used for prayer. The rest of the church is heavily damaged including the steeple which has fallen off to the ground.

Once the Kvatch Guard breaks through to them, the survivors are moved to the "refugee" camp at the bottom of the hill.



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