"So Synnolian suggested that I might teach you a little trick, eh? Well, I might do that."
―Chaplain Ogrul[src]

Chaplain Ogrul is an Orsimer Healer, and acolyte of the Imperial Cult. He resides at Fort Darius, the Imperial Legion facility in Gnisis, where he serves as the Healer for the Deathshead Legion garrison. His services are available to faction members and the public alike.


Gathering MuckEdit

Synnolian Tunifus of the Imperial Cult requests that the Nerevarine deliver four Bargain Restore Health potions to Chaplain Ogrul, and collect five pieces of Muck from a nearby farmer. Upon delivery, as a gesture of gratitude Ogrul offers to teach the Nerevarine one of the following unique Restore Attribute spells (only one may be chosen, and they are not available for purchase):

Ogrul's Lucky Again1Restore Luck 10 pts on self
Ogrul's Quick Again1Restore Speed 10 pts on self
Ogrul's Staunch Again1Restore Willpower 10 pts on self
Ogrul's Strong-Again1Restore Strength 10 pts on self



Chaplain Ogrul trades in alchemy ingredients and potions. He offers the following wares for sale:

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Ash Yam10
Crab Meat10
Rat Meat10
Potions and Beverages
Bargain Restore Fatigue2
Bargain Restore Health5
Cheap Disease Resistance2
Cheap Potion of Fortify Health2
Cheap Restore Agility3
Cheap Restore Endurance3
Cheap Restore Fatigue2
Cheap Restore Health5
Cheap Restore Intelligence3
Cheap Restore Luck3
Cheap Restore Personality3
Cheap Restore Speed3
Cheap Restore Strength3
Cheap Restore Willpower3
Potion of Cure Blight Disease5
Potion of Cure Common Disease10
Potion of Cure Paralyzation2
Potion of Cure Poison2
Standard Disease Resistance2
Standard Restore Health Potion2

Spell merchantEdit

Ogrul has eleven spells available from the Mysticism and Restoration schools of magic. He offers the following spells for sale:

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Absorb Willpower 38Absorb Willpower
5–20 pts for 30 sec on target
Purge Magic 2Dispel
5 pts on self
Cure Common Disease 15Cure Common Disease
on self
Cure Poison 5Cure Poison
on self
Mother's Kiss 4Restore Health
10–20 pts on self
Poet's Whim 39Resist Blight Disease
1–30 pts for 10 sec on self
Powerwell 30Fortify Magicka
5–20 pts for 60 sec on self
Regenerate 15Restore Health
1–5 pts for 20 sec on self
Resist Common Disease 5Resist Common Disease
10 pts for 5 sec on self
Stamina 30Restore Fatigue
10–30 pts for 30 sec on self
Vitality 19Fortify Health
5–20 pts for 30 sec on self

Attributes and equipmentEdit

Chaplain Ogrul specializes in magic and unarmed/unarmored combat. He is skilled in a variety of schools of magic, particularly those related to his class as a healer. He is an apprentice-level practitioner of all five of his primary skills, including 36 points in his default melee combat style, Hand-to-Hand. Ogrul has 29 points in his default armor type, Unarmored, and 21 points in his preferred weapon type, Blunt Weapon. Primary Skills
Alteration 44
Mysticism 44
Restoration 44
Hand-to-Hand 36
Speechcraft 36

Abilities, powers, and spellsEdit

 • Resist Magicka – 25%
 • Berserk
 • Absorb Willpower
 • Cure Common Disease
 • Cure Poison
 • Mother's Kiss
 • Poet's Whim
 • Powerwell
 • Purge Magic
 • Regenerate
 • Resist Common Disease
 • Stamina
 • Vitality


 • Amulet (leveled)
 • Common Robe (#5)
 • Common Shoes (#5)
 • Ring (leveled)
 • Ash Yam (×10)
 • Crab Meat (×10)
 • Marshmerrow (×10)
 • Rat Meat (×10)
 • Saltrice (×10)
 • Wickwheat (×10)
 • Soul Gem (leveled)


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