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Chapter 2 is the second mission of act 1 in the main story line of The Elder Scrolls: Legends.


Tyr: "I'm Tyr, one of the Blades. Two of us. A dozen of them. It's almost a fair fight."

The chapter features The Forgotten Hero teaming with Tyr, a fellow blade and your opponenent in Chapter 1, against Daedric Cultists.


Since this chapter is a second part of the tutorial, The Forgotten Hero will always be a winner by following the guidelines.


The following cards are played until the game is forcing the player to end this chapter.

Opponent deckEdit

Your deckEdit


Daedric Cultists: "You'll never escape. Reive will destroy you!"


  • Both combatants start with only 12 health and without runes. Also the Forgotten Hero can not choose the deck at this point.
  • The player's starting deck contains 36 cards and is called "Band of Survivors," while the deck of Daedric Cultists has only 10 cards.
  • In this chapter the game introduces the second lane and the gameplay mechanics by having two lanes.

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