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Chapter 4 is the fourth mission of act 1 in the main story line of The Elder Scrolls: Legends.


Kellen: "The Dremora's words unnerved the hero. They journeyed north to meet Laaneth, a sorceress friend of Tyr's well versed in Daedric matters. But the road ahead was far from clear."
Bandit (Khajiit voice): "Look what we have here. Standard fee. Hand over your coin or you die."
Bandit: "This is our road. Nobody passes without paying a tribute."
Tyr: "We haven't got any money. As for taking our lives..."


  • Using Fireball (unlocked the previous level), is a good way to clear the board, particularly after Bandit Ambush has been used.


Opponent deckEdit

Tyr: "We're outnumbered. Let's take some of them out before they overwhelm us."



Kellen: "The last bandit, seeing his fallen companions, dropped to his knees. He said that if the hero spared his life, he would show them where the robbers had hidden their ill-gotten treasure. But the merchant demanded justice."
Isha: "And what did your hero do?"

There is a choice in this quest. At the end, you can choose to either spare the bandit (who in return promises to lead the hero to their treasure) or execute him.

Kellen: "Mercy can be a profitable virtue."

Kellen: "The bandit's villainous career ended there."

  • Execute:
    • Execute – action (Destroy a creature with 2 power or less.)

Chapter rewardEdit


  • Both combatants start with only 20 health and 3 runes. Also the Forgotten Hero can not choose the deck at this point.
  • The player's starting deck contains 41 card and is called "Band of Survivors," while the deck of Bandits has only 30 cards.


The game introduces the gameplay mechanics of runes and creature's ability called Charge in this chapter:

  • For every 5 health you lose, you will lose a rune and draw a card.
    • Each time you lose a rune, you draw a card.
  • Charge creatures can attack immediately.