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Chapter 5 is the fifth mission of act 1 in the main story line of The Elder Scrolls: Legends.


Tyr: "Dominion guards!"
Guard: "Halt! We're looking for a rogue Blade who matches your description."
Tyr: "There must be some misunderstanding."
Guard: "What kind of misunderstanding?"
Tyr: "The kind where you thought we'd come quietly."


  • The Execute card is good against Altmer Protectors, as they have a power of 0, yet a high defense.


Opponent deckEdit

Special conditions: "Your opponent begins this battle with an Altmer Protector in each lane."


Level rewardEdit


  • Both combatants start with only 25 health and 4 runes. Also the Forgotten Hero can not choose the deck at this point.
  • The player's starting deck contains 44 cards and is called "Band of Survivors," while the deck of Dominion Guards has only 30 cards.


The game introduces Guard-type cards in this chapter:

  • Guards must be destroyed before you can attack other enemies in their lane.

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