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Chapter 7 is the seventh mission of act 1 in the main story line of The Elder Scrolls: Legends.


Tyr: "We've made it. That's Laaneth's house and it's crawling with cultists. Laaneth must be in trouble. Come on!"


Using the cards that are unlocked in the previous levels can significantly help. Also the Grahtwood Ambusher is scripted to appear at a certain turn to clear a lane.


Opponent deckEdit

Special conditions: "Your opponent begins this battle with a Boethiah Cultist in each lane. Boethiah's Cultists dart toward you."
Daedric Cultists: "You're too late! By now the sorceress is leagues from here."


Daedric Cultists: "Stop! We can tell you where they've taken your friend!"

  • 100 GoldIcon
  • Deck building.

Level rewardEdit


  • The Forgotten Hero can not choose the deck for this battle.
  • The player's starting deck contains 50 cards and is called "Band of Survivors," while the deck of Daedric Cultists has only 30 cards.


  • The awarded coins are suggested to be used for a card pack.
  • The game introduces two different lanes that will be used for all standard battles:
  • Also the player is reminded of the runes and prophecy mechanics:

"If you draw a Prophecy card when you lose a rune, you may play it for free. Drag the Grahtwood Ambusher to a lane."

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