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A list of all characters in the book, in order of appearance, and a concise description of them.[UL 1]


Name Description
Iffech Male Khajiit sailor; presumably dies alongside Grayne on pg. 5 from "something unbelievably foul" on the wind.
Keem Male Khajiit sailor; resides in the ship's crow's nest until his death on pg. 4.
Grayne Female human sailor from the south Niben; has gray hair, implied to be visually impaired.[note 1] She had previously witnessed the opening of an Oblivion Gate in Leyawiin; presumably dies alongside Iffech on pg. 5 from "something unbelievably foul" (pg. 5) on the wind.
Ezhmaar Sul Dunmer[note 2][note 3] male who witnessed the "unbelievably foul" (pg. 5) thing that wrecked the ship. Claims to have spent twenty years in Oblivion.
Man in the Lank Fellow Inn The first man Sul sees upon awakening from his sweaty, aching, scream-filled slumber in the Lank Fellow Inn in Chorrol. Described as having "eyes...wide and blue beneath a shock of curly, barley-colored hair." (pg. 5) Initially apprehensive of Sul due to his "hollering," (pg. 5) eventually offers him breakfast.
Prince Attrebus (Attrebus Mede) (mentioned only) – Son of Emperor Titus Mede I whose name appears in the title of the book The Most Current and High Adventures of Prince Attrebus which Sul opens on pg. 7 after he does Tales of Southern Waters.

Chapter OneEdit

Name Description
Annaïg Hoïnart Female Breton; Has black, curled hair, and green-grey eyes. She is one of the main characters in the book, mostly staying or working with her companion, Mere-Glim.
Mere-Glim Male Argonian; Has green scales and dark brown spikes along his back. One of the main characters in the book, and mosty staying and/or working with his companion, Annaïg Hoïnart.
Taig Hoïnart Male Breton, Annaïg Hoïnart's father. Is described to be an alcoholic after his wife/her mother's death. Has thinning gray hair.
Were-Crocodile/Skooma smuggler  Male human, was thought by Annaïg to be a were-crocodile, but was actually found out to be a regular skooma smuggler working with others in Pusbottom. (pg.15) 
Khajiit skooma smuggler  Khajiit male; was with the original smuggler (above), sent two others described only by their names, "Patch and Flichs," to kill Grim and Annaïg when he noticed they were spying on them.
Underwarden Ethten Male, mentioned (pg.13) by Mere-Glim about trying to get him to send guards after a suspected "were-crocodile."



  1. Grayne's eyes are referred to as "useless" (pg. 3)
  2. Sul makes noticeable references to Azura during this chapter such as prayers and rhetorical questions. Varieties of Faith in the Empire states that Azura is worshipped in two pantheons; the Dunmer and the Khajiit, so Sul likely falls under one of those categories.
  3. On pg. 6, Sul "splash[es] water in his face and blink red eyes at himself."—red eyes are a trait held exclusively by Dunmer.


Notice: The following are unlicensed references. They are not copyrighted by a ZeniMax Media company, but can still be considered part of The Elder Scrolls lore and are included for completeness.
  1. An Elder Scrolls Novel: The Infernal City
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